Scales, Scores, and Improvements Made to Piers-Harris 3

The Piers-Harris 3 helps professionals measure self-concept in patients and address underlying issues as well. Children and young adults can take the self-reported assessment to identify how they feel about themselves and to help diagnose and classify ADHD, anxiety, depression, and other social disorders.

By diagnosing these disorders or identifying individuals at risk of these disorders and other things affecting their behavior, intervention can be planned and monitored to help improve an individual’s self-concept. The appropriate treatment will help them integrate into society and social situations at home and at school.

Piers-Harris 2 Scales and Scores:

The original Piers-Harris, the Piers-Harris 2, and the Piers-Harris 3 all include the same Self-Concept and Validity Scales. The Piers-Harris 3 total score is comprised of the Self-Concept scales and the six domain scales.

The Self-Concept scales provide a general idea of the individual’s overall self-concept. The six domain scales include Behavioral Adjustment, Happiness and Satisfaction, Free From Anxiety, Physical Appearance and Attributes, Intellectual and School Status, and Social Acceptance.

Each of the six domains is scored independently. The higher the score, the more positive the self-evaluation in that domain. The Piers-Harris 3 is designed to identify random response patterns and response biases. The scores can be evaluated compared to national averages, and descriptive classifications are provided to professionals to aid in interpretation of the results.

Piers-Harris 3 Improvements:

The Piers-Harris 3 is a revised and updated version of an instrument that is widely used throughout the United States and in other parts of the world. The core of the exam remains unchanged, but some improvements add value and utility.

Some of these improvements include:

Updated norms to reflect and represent new, national standardized samples

Extended age ranges from 6-22 instead of 7-18

New clinical validity studies

New administration and scoring options to make it easier to evaluate and diagnose

Item content was revised or reworded to clarify content, enhance readability, and increase comprehension. Items evaluating bullying, social isolation, and body image were added to determine social acceptance and physical self-concept better.

While the previous exam could be administered and scored using paper forms or software, the Piers-Harris 3 can easily be administered and scored using the WPS Online Evaluation System.

And when a respondent takes the exam multiple times, those responses are integrated into a Progress Monitoring Report, making it easy to evaluate changes over time.

Rating Form and Admin:

The Piers-Harris 3 rating form contains fifty-eight items used to gather information on the respondent and their self-attitudes. The form is written at a first-grade reading level and can be completed in ten minutes. It’s available in both English and Spanish and can be administered with print forms or online.

The Piers-Harris Self-Concept Scale, Third Edition is one of many new products developed by WPS, a leading publisher of psychological and educational assessments worldwide.

The Dividend for the Small Businesses

Dividends are a return to shareholders of a part of the company’s income, the decision of which is taken by the board of directors. Their payment can be carried out by money, shares or other assets. The size of dividends is expressed in dollars per share or as a percentage of current market value – the so-called dividend yield.

For the Earned Money

Earned money can be returned to shareholders in the form of dividends or left in the company as retained earnings. In addition, the received profit can be used for buyback of shares in open markets. However, it is the capital dividend Election that matters a lot.

Dividends and ransoms do not change the fundamental value of securities. Shareholders must approve the amount of dividends, and their payment can be in the form of a one-time special payment or shares for some time. Investors of mutual investment funds and exchange funds also receive dividends. To the investors of the mutual fund they pay the received interest income and dividends from the companies. In addition, at the end of the year, the capital gains realized as a result of investment activities (distribution of capital gains) are usually distributed. The dividend discount model (the Gordon model) uses the estimated future dividends in valuing shares.

Which companies pay dividends?

Start-ups and other fast-growing companies, for example, from the technological and biotech sectors, rarely pay dividends – all their profits are reinvested in the growth and development of the business. Large, well-known companies, as a rule, regularly pay dividends to contribute to the well-being of shareholders. Historically, the highest dividends are offered to companies in the oil and gas industry, banks, financial institutions, representatives of the healthcare and utilities sectors, investment real estate trusts.

Pros of dividends

Remembering the proverb about the bird in the hands and the crane in the sky, many experts argue that investors prefer current dividend payments to less certain results from reinvesting undistributed profits. In other words, each dividend received by investors means more to them than the dollar received as a result of a possible increase in capital (although in theory they are equivalent). In many countries, the income from dividends is taxed at a lower tax rate than the rest of the income. Therefore, some investors, seeking to save on taxes, prefer shares with high dividend yield. It is clear that such securities are most in demand from those entering the tax categories with high rates.

If a company has a long history of dividend payments, a reduction in their size or refusal to pay off signals investors about a possible disaster. On the other hand, an unexpected increase in dividends can be seen as a positive signal to the market.

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